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when aguiree finds el dorado ? [23 Sep 2014|04:53pm]

some previews from upcoming release:

what do you think about? uh?
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if u miss it... i let you know; [23 Sep 2014|04:00pm]

new cs release by x.y.r. (valdimir karpov's one-man project ) is available now on constellation tatsu !

available to buy as part of spring batch ..

or separately here

also stream/ free download/ here

hope u enjoy/*
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..message in a bottle from Robinson that you once found on the seashore; [28 Dec 2013|02:21pm]

new cassette release by x.y.r. (Vladimir Karpov's one-man project) is available now!!

all music was made in period feb - sep 2013 (at my bedroom in St.Petersburg, Russia)
used stuff: analog synth formanta-mini, pedal effects, loop station, mic and field rec.
"big calm" it's like a message in a bottle from Robinson that you once found on the seashore;

!!! each cassette contains a special coupon for free private bonus track download !!!

buy the cassette on singapore sling tapes label

stream /free download

* tnx for support :

microphones in the trees

блуждающая аудиозапись







mic in the trees :best releases 2013

HCMJ’s Favorite Albums of 2013!

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"Dinosaur, Bubblegum and Huckleberry Friend" mixtape cassette!! [28 Dec 2013|02:07pm]

track "calm in trees"  by x.y.r. included in "Dinosaur, Bubblegum and Huckleberry Friend" mixtape cassette by "Singapore Sling Tapes" label .. enjoy and buy  the cs here: singaporeslingtapes.bandcamp.com/album/dinosaur-bubblegum-and-huckleberry-friend

and ofsite: singaporesling.grrrbzzz.com/record/mixtape

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spring mixtape 1&2 pts [28 Dec 2013|02:05pm]

          Warm pulsations 1pt. (waiting for the summer)

00:00   sunny dunes - patience (waiting for the summer)

02:00   chikiss - i see

04:10   former selves - common years

07:00   married in berdichev - wait

09:40   orphan fairytale - hummingbird city

12:12   panabrite - science face

15:15   sam rosenthal - jane

17:50   inoyama land - wasser

20:55   waterbook - map of greenland

23:50   mark mcgiure - surrogate channels

29:29   possible shapes - why have i become so blue?

32:00   pine gathering - start

34:00   lucky dragons - open melody

39:29   mirror to mirror - the store

42:35   suzanne ciani - eighth wave

46:05   local winds - tree gathering

48:30   nibiru communion - crystals in time

55:00   2muchachos - x

Warm pulsations 2pt. (wake up in summer)

00:00 universe - the wake

03:10 günter schlienz - tape studies
05:40 former selves - present variations
08:30 motion graphics - stained glass sequence
12:40 happy trendy - ~
14:44 j.d. emmanuel - song of the whale
17:45 panabrite - manatee theme
20:40 sparkling wide pressure - wake up in summer
24:00 eachothers - strawberry
26:40 omebi - might a machine have a soul
30:00 atlas sound - afternoon drive / mouth of the desert
35:20 anana - tredjegradsforbrenning
39:20 travel kyoto - crazy for you
43:05 david kanaga - flower walk
46:10 kites sail high - always
50:25 isao tomita - arabesque no.1
52:45 x.y.r. - calm in trees

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forest is not what it seems /* [19 Nov 2012|05:10pm]

"forest is not what it seems" LP it’s inspired by the forest. the forest remains a really important and special place. it’s never what it appears to be at first glance; the forest reflects our internal world. it’s embodies what you might call the atmosphere of our subconscious – a state that allows you both to perceive and analyze reality more accurately.

download album
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soon.. [05 Sep 2012|09:09pm]
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chill music [09 Jul 2012|02:13am]
[ mood | calm ]



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bicicleta mixtape ;D [31 May 2012|11:07pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

00:00   observer drift - warm waves  (corridors , 2012)

03:05   happy hands club - astrology  (parking lot  , 2012)

06:30   coma cinema - i wanna be adored (stone roses cover)   (v.a. c44 , 2011)

09:20   james & evander - ambigamy   (bummer pop , 2012)

12:25   o.m.d. - telegraph   (dazzle ships , 1983)

15:10   the moments - anorak city (another sunny day cover)   (v.a. c86 , 2012)

17:20   night dew call - last day of youth   (bruno , 2012)

19:25   diktendo - the tune i call november   (sweet & tender as we are , 2006)

22:05   lilacs - solitary   (v.a. c86 , 2012)

24.30   acid house kings - under water  (music sounds better with you , 2011)

26:45   shimmering stars - walk away  (violent hearts , 2011)

29:35   land of blood and sunshine - demon, listen  (into the mystery , 2010)

32:45   tracey ullman - breakaway   (you broke my heart in 17 places , 1983)

35:15   moon tides - swimming   ( , 2011)

37:20   dante elephante - all the time  (german aquatics , 2012)

39:30   pia fraus - moon like a pearl   (sailing on a grapefruit lake , 2005)

41:25   minks - funeral song   (by the hedge , 2011)

44:25   soft powers - panic   (outlandish scandals , 2011)

45:50   galway - air #3   (mria , 2012)

49:30   lotus plaza - remember our days  (spooky action at a distance , 2012)

53:30   caged animals - this summer i'll make it up to you   (eat their own , 2011)

55:25   automelodi - buanderie jazz  (automelodi , 2010)

59:00   motorama - to the south   ( , 2012)

61:15   the teenage idols - here she comes  (the teenage idols , 2002)

64:25   high pop - concrete surfer   (bong rips , 2011)

65:40   night manager - pizza pasta   (pizza pasta , 2011)

67:35   love dance - skisse #3   (best of... , 2012)

69:55   2muchachos - striwi kri4at   (vesnywki , 2012)

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a place where i feel calm [20 May 2012|09:41pm]

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sunny-hazy mixtape!! [09 May 2012|06:32pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

58:00   mixtape for felinno!!

Felinno Presents:
Guest Mixtape / 2muchachos
Cover Art: 2muchachos

1. Panabrite - Camembert Symphony
Norm Chambers is one of my favorite musicians of the last few years. There’s nothing excessive in his work. Nothing more than what you need to slip away – into your dreams. This is a track from his last album, “Soft Terminal.”

2. Death & Vanilla - The Unseeing Eye
We came across these guys when we found their four-track EP from 2008. Their style and sound, especially the synths, remind us of the UK band Broadcast, whom we love. This is a track from the Beko 100 compilation.

3. Travel Kyoto - Zero Gravity Love Song
This is one of our big discoveries of the last few weeks! If heaven exists, then it probably sounds something like this. I really recommend their new release, “Futurist Haikus and Tiki Dreams.”

4. Zooey - Pique-Nique et Jeux dans l'Eau
We reckon this is the prefect soundtrack to a carefree summer picnic. The track is a new version of something from the EP "Time To Meet Outside."

5. Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant
When I first heard this masterpiece, it really blew my mind! I think it’s the band’s best work to date. 

6. Peaking Lights - Lo Hi
We’ve loved this sunny-sounding duo since their “Imaginary Falcons” release. This track is from their forthcoming album “Lucifer.”

7. Dirty Beaches - Highway 1
One of my big revelations from the start of the year, but it sounds like something I’ve known my whole life.

8. Candy Claws - Catamaran
One of our favorite bands. Everything they do is full of warmth and kindness. The track from the 2009 album, “In the Dream of the Sea Life.” 

9. Stereolab - Les Yper-Sound
Classic Krautpop! I remember being younger and often listening to this on a cassette player during the summer holidays.

10. Lisbonne - Nothing New
This wonderful girl has already put out a great single on the Beko label we’re so fond of. That’s when we noticed her and fell under the spell of her innocent songs.

11. Boat Club - Warmer Climes
A balearic duet from Sweden; great music for the summer. We really recommend “Caught in the Breeze” (2007). 

12. Golden Birthday - Start Swimming
Another of this year’s discoveries! A great track to put you in a good mood; it’s got an easy-going but crazy rhythm section, like something taken out of an old video- or computer game.

13. Tops - Diamond Look
A great synth sound here, not to mention the lovely retro-style of the song overall. 

14. Gathered Ghosts - Feels Like Nothing
Sunny pop-harmonies and a warm-sounding track; together those things make me happy!

15. Die Jungen - In the End
One of last year’s favorites. This music sounds like it was written in the distant past. We’re all big fans of their style. Highly recommended!

16. Atlantic at Pacific – Weddings
A track of real genius! Endlessly deep melodies and a really special sound.

17. Eugene Krylatov and Yuriy Entin – Theme music to “Guest from the Future” (1984).
This is one of the melodies with which we grew up. It comes from one of the best-known Soviet TV films for kids. Whenever it was broadcast, the streets would be empty! Children everywhere were glued to the television.

18. Married in Berdichev - Light Comes
Brittany Gould’s solo-project. Lovely, fleeting melodies – they’re just like some dreamy, unfocused state of being half-awake. It sounds like Grouper (Liz Harris), whom we love so much… but sunnier.
ENJOY   and  DOWNLOAD                               original posts via FELINNO
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[05 Apr 2012|07:03pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

only when u hear
the singin' of titmouse
u feel the spring
that spring like the children's photo album ;

dear friends!! spring mood and  warmth /*

"vesnywki!!" EP by 2muchachos

free download

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lost in the mist [14 Mar 2012|06:00pm]
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в пурпурном сияниИ [17 Jan 2012|09:40pm]

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90 % hits!! for losers only; [20 Dec 2011|02:49pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

60:00     growing beard (hibernation mix)

00:00   i.m.m.u.r.e.   "falling"                                                                                                                                              ( , 2009) info
03:10   sea oleena   "untitled"                                                                                                                            (sleeplessness , 2011) info
07:00   sleep in sundays   "july"                                                                                                                                    (okay , 2010) info
09:30   silver wren   "native fears"                                                                                                            (window in the wreath , 2011) info
11:40   tyler butler   "plover"                                                                                                                                (winter king , 2011) info
13:50   low   "in the drugs"                                                                                                                                            (trust , 2002) info
17:55   perfume genius   "lookout, lookout"                                                                                                                  (learning , 2010) info
20:40   gem club   "252"                                                                                                                                          (breakers , 2011) info
25:35   arrange   "tearing up old asphalt"                                                                                                                   (plantation , 2011) info
27:15   twinsistermoon   "unseen seen"                                                                                                      (the hollow mountain , 2009) info
29:25   kwoon   "i lived on the moon (acoustic)"                                                                                                     (two summers , 2010) info
33:35   birds of passage   "fantastic frown"                                                                                                      (without the world , 2011) info
37:50   bowerbirds   "hooves"                                                                                                               (hymns for a dark horse , 2008) info
40:25   soft powers   "endlessly"                                                                                                                (outlandish scandals , 2011) info
44:00   stag   "tired"                                                                                                                                          (rifle meeker , 2011) info
46:20   kurt vile   "the creature"                                                                                                                        (so outta reach , 2011) info
51:20   2muchachos   "birds (hoovering over the pine tops)"                                                                                 (upcoming album , 2012) info

download 95.6 mb

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birds (hoovering over the pine tops) [13 Dec 2011|05:18pm]

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2muchachos plays Beko <3 [10 Nov 2011|03:19pm]
[ mood | loved ]

les marquises   "sound and fury (alternative version) 
quiet lights   "st. thomas" 
wild eyes   "house of metal" 
daixiaole   "dododo" 
hooray!   "kyle's having people over" 
raw moans & party trash   "drunk dial" 
millionyoung   "mien" 
wizard oz   "i can't remember" 
lisbonne   "so long" 
2muchachos   "long time ago"

more via soundcloud

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!! beko single is available now! hooray!! [26 Sep 2011|08:15pm]

beko_95 2muchachos available for free download here:http://beko-dsl.com/

review by their bated breath 
The a-side, “I’m Not Afraid of Cold Air”, is bewildering in it’s sedateness. A light female vocal track hangs like frost in the air, just below colorful and humming synth notes. It’s really a masterpiece, and a lesson in just how much can be done with subtlety. It’s one of the better songs I’ve heard this year. The b-side, “Playground”, opens with dreamy reverb keyboard, birds chirping in the distance. The tones begin light and airy before unfolding into dark hues, soft highlights and shifts in frequency. It’s gorgeous. – David D. Robbins Jr.
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100% hits!! dance & sadness [04 Sep 2011|04:13am]
[ mood | cold ]

60:00     last summer dance

00:00   glass vaults   “worrier”                                                                                                                                      (glass , 2010) info
02:50   det lilla extra   “vad som helst”                                                                                                                                 ( , 2011) info
05:50   kendal johansson   “blue moon”                                                                                                                    (blue moon , 2010) info
08:10   4ucky   “cry (album edit)”                                                                                                               (once more and again , 2011) info
11:40   silver swans   “anyone’s ghost (the national cover)”                                                                                                        (, 2010) info
15:00   ifwe   “жить одному (чайки)”                                                                                                         (жить одному (чайки) , 2011) info
19:00   sleep over   “romantic streams”                                                                                                                      (forever , 2011) info
21:50   com truise   “brokendate”                                                                                                                         (galactic melt , 2011) info
24:10   4ucky   “1984 (i want more)”                                                                                                          (once more and again , 2011) info
28:00   exact index   “swimming shark”                                                                                                                                ( , 2010) info
30:20   sports   “to catch a thief”                                                                                                                                 (sports , 2011) info
33:40   casa del mirto   “the haste”                                                                                                                                (1979 , 2011) info
36:10   trust   “candy walls”                                                                                                                                 (candy walls , 2011) info
40:00   win win ft. alexis taylor   “interleave”                                                                                                          (interleave , 2011) info
43:10   apache jackson   “hotline getaway”                                                                                                           (soul damage , 2011) info
45:10   washed out   “far away”                                                                                                                   (within and without , 2011) info
47:40   i va & jakeel   “le XIX ra”                                                                                                                                   (XIX , 2010) info
49:00   how to dress well   “walking this dumb (live)”                                                                                             (love remains , 2010) info
51:30   mary & the boy / felizol   “are u still dancing can can”                                                                                 (time machine , 2008) info
53:20   high places   “year off”                                                                                                                         (original colors , 2011) info
56:50   savage   “good-bye”                                                                                                                                   (good-bye , 1989) info

 download 81.8mb

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we'll miss u, summer.. [01 Sep 2011|06:23pm]

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